Lieve Vansteelant and Gerdy De Decker
Gerdy has been dancing tango since 1988. In 1990, he joins Maestros
Pepito Avellaneda and Antonio Todaro in Buenos Aires. Back in Gent,
he starts teaching, initially accompanied by Lalo and Mirta Diaz of the
Academia de Tango of Amsterdam. In 1991 his pupil, Lieve Vansteelant, becomes his permanent dance partner. The next year they set up “Recuerdo vzw”, named after a tango of Osvaldo Pugliese. The tango school knows a great success, and Gerdy and Lieve train the advanced and talented pupils
to become instructors.
An Meuleman, Bart Beeckman, Brenda Schotte, MariŽl van den Eerenbeemt, Roderick Zoeteman, Elisabeth Serreyn and Kim De Caluwe are the young generation of Recuerdo tango dancers who teach the beginner groups.
Gerdy and Lieve continue refining their ‘tango espectaculo’ skills, and
regularly give performances.
In ‘99 Recuerdos de Tango together with the orchestra of Alfredo Marcucci
and produced by of Wim De Wulf, successfully opened, followed by a tour of the Flemish cultural centres. Their second show, Tango Calle Tango is to be expected soon.
The most important instructors and sources of inspiration were: Maestro Pepito Avellaneda and Gilda Suzuki, Maestro Antonio Todaro, Lalo Diaz and Mirta Campos. Further private lessons by: Maestro Carlos Copes, Maestro Eduardo Arquimbo, Alechandro Aquino and Mariachiara, Carlos Copello and Alicia Monti, Aurora and Jorge Firpo, Esteban Moyreno and Claudia Codega, Pocho Pizarro, Pablo Veron, Natalia Games and Gabriel Angio, Milena Plebs and Ezequiel Farfaro