Tango de salon joins the tradition of the first generation tango dancers.
On a crowded dance floor, the couples dance modest and small,
respecting each other's dance circle.
The man improvises and the woman reacts elegantly to his impulse.
They let themselves be guided by the music. This tango, the milonga
(predecessor tango) and tango waltz are taught by RECUERDO.
  Tango espectaculo or ‘tango on the stage’ is better known than its predecessor.
A single couple brings the choreography. They can use the full space, for nobody hinders them. This tango has a high spectacle content and is great to watch, but doesn’t belong at a tango Salon.
  Literature – Tips
- “De Geschiedenis van de tango” Ana Sebastian, Luis Labraña -
de Geus / Uitgeverij Epo
- “Tango, de bewogen geschiedenis van een dans”
Arne Birkenstock & Helena Rüegg - de Arbeiderspers
- “El arte del tango: Muziek, Dans en Lyriek” Horacio Ferrer and Wouter
Brave - Tango Palace Dansstudio
Only a small percentage of tango music is danceable.
Below you find a guideline from the cd-series El Bandoneon.