After RECUERDOS DE TANGO Gerdy De Decker and Lieve Vansteelant are planning a new show.
This story is about a man on a nightly quest, followed by a camera.
He explores the city and in his dreams he dances with te one he seeks.
On the one hand he's his own DJ and treats himself to a number of beautiful tangos. On the other hand, his search is accompanied LIVE, by the music of Back Back: a sparkling cocktail of jazz, rock, latino, salsa and, of course, also tango. All this poured through a smoky filter.

Choreography and dance: Gerdy De Decker and Lieve Vansteelant
Music: Back Back - Filip Wauters, Marc De Maeseneir, Giovanni Barcella
Directed by: Wim De Wulf

Gent opening night, Handelsbeurs - Koksijde, CC Casino
Dendermonde, CC Belgica - Mol, CC 't Getouw - Heist-op-den-Berg, CC Zwaneberg - Schoten, CC Schoten - Torhout CC de
Brouckčre - Roeselare, CC de Spil - Genk, Casino Modern - Aartselaar, CC 't Aambeeld - Oudenaarde, CC De Woeker - Menen, CC De Steiger - Berlare, CC Stroming, Beveren, CC Ter Vesten