Christmas, New Year, Valentine, a birthday, a marriage, a retirement, as a surprise, or just like that, ...
all occasions are appropriate for this original gift that gets the receiver out of his or her couch.

A dance voucher is only valid for 1 date. Make sure to reserve your voucher in advance, via mail or phone, and take into account the extra time that is needed for us to receive the transaction and to send you the voucher. The price includes all forwarding charges

The voucher will be sent to you after we have received the agreed payment on the bank account of Recuerdo:
IBAN BE72 4412 05423 116

If you are quite late to order them and it fits our schedule, you can come pick up your voucher after you have made an appointment.

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Dance voucher tango initiation

This voucher provides the receiver and his or her dance partner an unforgettable experience.

Price: €32, forwarding charges not included.

Gift this to people who are interested in tango, dance freaks or even a potential dance partner. That way you play safe and don’t force anyone to immediately participate in a series of 10 classes

Dance voucher tango course

If you are completely sure that the receiver and his or her dance partner are 100% up to joining a class, then you can gift them an entire tango course or also partially do that. The exact amount of the sum you can determine yourself.