Abrahamstraat 13, 9000 Ghent

Location for courses and initiations.

Recuerdo is located in the historical monument ‘de Berg van Barmhartigheid’, a former pawnshop and city archive, located in the cosy Prinsenhof neighborhood.

The dancehall has a wooden varnished floor, mirrors and a view on the old garden.



on foot

Centre of Ghent, Prinsenhof neighborhood. Close to the Gravensteen castle. The Abrahamstraat runs parallel to the Burgstraat. Side streets are the Gewad and the Bonifantenstraat.

by bike

A bicycle parking is present in the Abrahamstraat.

by car

This is a residential neighborhood where there is rarely much place to park.
You can head to parking Ramen, which is 6 minutes of walking away, or the
parking St. Michiels at 10 minutes walking distance.