You can only register with a dance partner

Register how?

Call or email us:
Don’t postpone your subscription, because the number of places is limited.
For those who tend to decide last minute: you can still register during the first week of the courses.


No dance experience is required for starters. .
People who have already danced tango before, can start in a group of choice.
Check the schedule to see which class hours suits you the best!
In case of doubt: we like to give you advice. so don’t hesitate to just drop us a line.


115 euro per person


  • Students until 26 years and the unemployed deposit the entire subscription fee and receive their discount back after the first class upon showing their students ID or evidence of unemployment.
  • Students who retake group 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 (e.g. follow this level for the second time) also receive a discount.
  • Those who received a dance voucher for a course, deposit us a reservation cost of €40 and receive this money back after the first class upon showing their voucher

Bank account number of Recuerdo:

IBAN: BE72 4412 0542 3116