It takes two to tango

so registering is unfortunately only possible with a dance partner. Since a lot of people often have troubles finding a suitable dance partner, Recuerdo used to help actively with this process. However, this turned out to be very complex and some less pleasant experiences let us decide to not intervene with this anymore. From our experience we can tell that you can’t dance tango with anyone, whatever others might be claiming.


Tango with your life companion

is fun and can be enriching for your relationship. However, we often see that one partner decides that the other one can’t dance, or that a partner just isn’t interested at all, which leads to one going on the lookout for a ‘suitable’ (and preferably ideal) dance partner. We strongly advice to give your own partner a chance, and to try out a tango initiation together. Afterwards, after having tried, you can decide if it’s going to work out or not.

Often, men are scared off by the cliche image of tango as represented in the media, in which the man is assigned the role of a “seductive macho”. Recuerdo however brings a different kind of tango.
When one of you already dances tango, this can be intimidating for the partner who is just a beginner. Simply be patient and leave it to the teacher to give instructions, try to imagine you are starting with tango from scratch all over again.





You don’t have a partner

However, a good friend, an acquaintance or a colleague, a family member… with whom you have a good connection, can be a potential dance partner too.

Announce within your social network that you are on the lookout for a dance partner. Be patient: you’ll find someone rather late than early. It’s more reassuring to find a dance partner through a mutual acquaintance than to go on a blind date with a stranger. We don’t recommend looking for dance partners online.

Once you have found a candidate: throughout the whole year you can participate in a tango initiation. This is a one-time only class, which has way less obligations than when you immediately register for 10 classes.