the complete starter

A tango initiation focusses on the complete starter.
After a short introduction, we demonstrate a tango, and we finish the class with a milonga improvisation.

We learn you how to walk and a very basic structure for a tango dance. The class is non-stop assisted by Lieve & Gerdy. Every couple is professionally supported so everyone can join in. Booking you can do upfront. But don’t forget bringing your dance partner!

We regularly host this kind of tango initiations, to give you the chance to try out what it’s like to learn tango in our school, before you register for a series of 10 classes.

However there are hundreds of reasons to participate!
You want to surprise a friend, or you just want to know if tango is something for you. You are nostalgic for the classes you used to follow, you promised it to someone, you think you (or your partner) can’t dance or you don’t feel like staying at home.
You want to register but you are doubting, you found a dance partner but want to check if you two are actually a match, or you just want to enjoy the experience for once…

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in de Berg

Friday before the start of a new beginners course from 20.00pm to 21:15pm - 16€pp

on request

in Ghent or somewhere else.

You are a private person, association, cultural center, company, dance school, … and you wish to organize something with Argentinian tango? Together with you we can determine what this can be: an initiation – intense initiation – short class for beginners (multiple lessons) – dance performance and more…
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those who have been dancing tango before

Our workshops focus on those who have been dancing tango before: beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. For the complete starters we organize our specific tango initiations.

A workshop is more intense than a normal class, because it is a one-time only event during which we offer a lot of information in a very short period of time.

They can be fun, sometimes a little hard but also quite illuminating.
They can enrich your dance repertoire, make it more complete and can be considered as extras. However, you don’t learn tango by only attending workshops.
That’s why we advise you to follow classes as well: in these we gradually and slowly improve your dance level.

During a workshop we focus on one theme only. We always begin with an introduction during which we focus on posture and teach you some techniques that are important for what will follow.

It’s not the purpose to just teach you complicated combinations, but to teach you useful sequences that can be used during the tango salon.

Book upfront with your partner for all workshops.
Book upfront without partner for the classes that are dedicated to specific techniques.