10 lessons

One course consists of ten classes that last 1:15h.

Classes mostly won’t take place during school holidays
A group consists of maximum 10 couples and is instructed by Lieve & Gerdy.

After 10 classes the group shifts to the next level. You can, however, retake a class as well, if you want to. When there are enough participants, date and time of the lesson remain the same.

3 times a year

New courses, for beginners too, start in January, April and September. If there is no date (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) or hour (19:30h or 20:45h) that suits you, make sure to check out the schedule for the next trimester, as this happens to regularly change.

Request the calendar of Recuerdo via email, then you’ll receive our new schedule as soon as possible.


No dance experience is required for starters. People who have already danced tango before, can start in a group of choice. Check the schedule to see which class hours suits you the best!
In case of doubt: we like to give you advice, so don’t hesitate to just drop us a line.