Osvaldo Pugliese
Anibal Troilo
Carlos Di Sarli
Juan D'Arienzo
Rodolfo Biagi

Only a small percentage of the tango music is danceable.
The golden age of the large tango orchestras, who played for a dancing crowd, were the thirties, forties and fifties of the previous century.
In the tango salon, 3 different rhythms are being played: tango, milonga and tango waltz.
Milonga is one of the predecessors of tango, together with the habanera from Cuba and the African Candombe. The tango waltz is a side step, inspired by the European salon dances that were en vogue back in the day.
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The numbering is based on cd-serie El Bandoneon.
Reliquias, 78RPM, Archivo RCA... are other cd-series, most of the time with the same orchestras..

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Angel D'Agostino
Ricardo Tanturi
Pedro Laurenz
Miguel Calo
Alfredo De Angelis
Roberto Firpo
Osvaldo Fresedo
Lucio Demare
Francisco Lomuto