Recuerdo regularly organizes a tango-initiation, in order to give you the opportunity to try out tango, before registering for a series of 10 classes. The Friday evening before a new course begins, we always give a tango initiation n the Berg.

Exceptionally we also do the same in the Centrale in Ghent. Request our calendar for this through

Since the amount of participants for each course is limited, and a course might be already completely booked upfront, it’s not always possible to follow a try-out lesson during the first class. However, we do organize many other initiations throughout the year where you can give tango a try as well.

However, if there is no other way, ask us in advance and we’ll see what we can do. Please note too that a try-out lesson is not for free.


Every dance couple does miss a class every now and then. However, our teaching method anticipates on that and works like an Assimil course (method). This entails that we focus a lot on repetition during the class, especially for those who just started out with dancing tango. Moreover, sooner or later we do revise in another class or other level what you missed in the past. So the purpose is not that you just “save” everything on your mental hard drive.

Tango is not about theory. It’s all about the fun of dancing together. Knowing a certain dance figure more or less, can’t and shouldn’t spoil the fun.

In any case we do try to get you back on track as fast as possible during the next class you attend in order for you to continue learning.

However, don’t exaggerate: missing more than 3 courses on a row can become a problem, although everything depends on which course you miss and on how fast you learn.

You can also compensate the classes you missed on a different day with a different group (the same level or lower), when the class isn’t fully booked, and you do this during the period that your own series of classes takes place.


It takes two to tango, so registering is only possible with a dance partner.

Since a lot of people don’t find a suitable dance partner, Recuerdo used to help actively with searching for these in the past. This worked out for 30% of the time, but often it was very complicated and some less pleasant experiences led us to the decision to not to get involved with this anymore. From our experience we can tell that you can’t dance tango with anyone, whatever others might be claiming.

Tips to find a dance partner (click)


All classes are being taught in Dutch. This shouldn’t be a problem as we constantly demonstrate all techniques and work in a very visual fashion.

After the classical demonstration, we work individually with each dance couple and always start with those who don’t speak Dutch.

As a matter of fact, Recuerdo has been teaching a lot of foreign students up until today.


During classes / practica: Come as you want, in the clothes that make you feel the best.

If that’s a training or a costume, a pencil skirt or a jeans: it doesn’t matter, because this is a class. Some people come to class straight after their work and don’t have time to get changed. The most important is that you feel at ease in what you’re wearing.

However, for the tango salon people like to dress up a bit more.

As teachers we don’t have any expectations concerning the way that people should dress: we are already happy that they come in the first place.


A shoe that fits and that supports well, is perfect. Slippers, boots, … and all other shoes that loosely fit your feet aren’t suitable. Moreover, from class 5 onwards shoes with heavy soles (such as antislip and some specific sports shoes) can become annoying while dancing. The best is to wear a shoe in which you can turn on your feet easily, e.g. with a leather or a smooth sole.

For starters: please don’t buy any dancing shoes in advance. Better is to wait until you know better what tango is about. Have a look in your closet to see what shoes you have, we’re sure that something suitable will be in there.

Moreover, you can as well try out the different shoes you already own during class. When you later still want to buy dancing shoes: they fit your feet, give you a lot of support and let you have more feeling with the dance floor. Next to that, they can look very elegant too. Once you start with these, you never go back.

Recuerdo has an overview with many tips concerning the buying of these dancing shoes and suggestions of places where you can do that. Just ask us to give it to you too!


No. If you never wear high heels, or they make you feel insecure, or you have a back problem, or you just have difficult feet: tango can be danced with low heels, or even with flat shoes.

Know that high heels (from 4cm onwards) are aggravating for your back.

High heels can be elegant and feminine however. So if you find wearing them easy and they don’t aggravate your back: do it! You can also save them for special occasions (like a tango salon) and wear shoes with lower heels during class. Also think about your partner: if he is smaller than you or of the same height, it’s better that you don’t tower above him too much when wearing your high heels.

Make sure to not immediately buy dancing shoes as a beginner. Recuerdo has an overview with many tips concerning the buying of these dancing shoes and suggestions of places where you can do that. Just ask us to give it to you too!