Regarding the story line, these movies aren’t always that entertaining, but they can be interesting for their music, dance performance and the image of the time that they convey.


Exile de Gardel / Solanas (1985)

Dancers Gloria & Eduardo Arquimbau


Tangobar / Marcos Zurinaga (1987)

famous dancers of the older generation, many have already passed away.
Unique and beautiful example of pure tango de salon.


the Tangolesson / Sally Potter (1997)

Dancers Carolina Lotti and Pablo Veron


Tango / Carlos Saura (1998)

Dancers Cecilia Narova and Carlos Rivarola


Assassination Tango / Robert Duvall (2002)

Dancers Geraldine Rojas and Pablo Veron


12 Tangos / Arne Birkenstock (2005)

Bandoneon José Libertella