Pepito Avellaneda and Suzuki

milonga improvisation
music La luciernaga, Hector Vernier

Maestro Pepito was calles the emperor of the milonga.
He was one of our most important teachers. In 1993 we stayed with him for a month. He passed away in 1996. Most milonga passes in class are his.


Antonio Todaro and his daughter Titi

music Juan D'Arienzo

Maestro Antonio was one of the greatest creative talents in tango. He admired Fred Astaire, and was inspired by his choreographies. Through him, the women got a more important role in the tangochoreography. Many famous tangocouples are educated by Antonio. For us he made a choreography on "Malandraca" from Osvaldo Pugliese. Unfortunately, also he passed away too early: in 1994.


Raoul Bravo and Gisela Avanzi

music Maipo, Juan D'Arienzo

Maestro Raoul Bravo was born in 1934, and is still teaching. About 3 complex figures per lesson! Together with maestro Antonio Todaro he developped the method Todaro-Bravo. Recuerdos method is based on this, as the only tango school in Belgium.


Maria and Carlos Rivarola

music Quejas de bandoneon, orchestre?

These maestros are still together, and have their place in Buenos Aires. They are often on tour in Japan, where they are particularly loved for their didactic teaching methods.


Milena Plebs and Ezquel Farfaro

music Zum, Osvaldo Pugliese

Milena Plebs and Miguel Zotto were the youngest maestro couple ever
They had a beautiful performance of the tango "Chique", from Osvaldo Pugliese, unfortunately can not be find on Youtube. Milena previsiously danced with the compagny of Pina Bausch. She travells around the world, give workshops, makes choreographies and performes with different dancers.


Vanina Bilous and Alejandro Aquino

music "Recuerdo", played live by maestro Osvaldo Pugliese


Jorge Dispari and Maria del Carmen

music Anselmo acuna el resero, Carlos Di Sarli

Jorge and Maria dance in the style of Villa Urquiza. Maria (La Turca) danced with her uncle Gerardo Portalea, a widely appreciated dancer. Jorge and Maria focus in their classes on the walking 'caminar' on the music, the most important aspect of dancing in the 'salon'.


Osvaldo and Coca Carteri

Tu, el cielo y tu, Carlos Di Sarli

Older dance couple, who dance in a very old style!


Fino, Portaleo, Montelione,...

famous dancers of the older generation
improvisation and a little bit of choreography

music Chique, Osvaldo Pugliese

Chaotic montage from a documentary, fragments of tangosalons in Buenos Aires. In between comments about how tango should be danced!


Eladia Cordoba and Hernan Alvarez Prieto

younger tango couple who dance tango in the traditional way

music Nueve puntos, Carlos Di Sarli